Ways to Stay Relaxed in front of the Camera on Your Big Day

Does the thought of camera and lights make you nervous? But if your big day is approaching, you should be expecting a huge source of light stress on you. But there should be a way to look relaxed and not feel super anxious, look collected when the flash fires?

Might sound easier said than done, but yes, the tips your getting today are from the experts who stay behind the camera at Let’s Celebrate Events. They sure know what they’re talking about and how you can pull it off.

Develop an Understanding with Your Photographer – Although in person meeting breaks ice better, but even an over the phone conversation before the event can make things comfortable. Once you get the feel of photographer’s personality, you will gain a better idea of your goals as well. It’s always comfortable posing for someone you know then for someone who is a stranger.

Book The Same Photographer for All Events – At least get you major events as engagement and wedding covered by the same person. Engagement can be considered as a test session and if that worked out great, we’re sure the wedding day pictures should be perfect. Plus you always have the option of telling the photographer what you liked and disliked in the engagement photos.

Wear What You’ll Love and be Comfortable in – If you love casuals as jeans and T-shirts, remember that wearing very formal dress, especially for wedding will make you feel uncomfortable the whole time. And we do understand, it’s your big day that should look and feel great. So, choose something that’s chic and comfortable at the same time. Not only will you be comfortable in the “I dos” but also in your pictures as well.

Take a Drink before the shoot – A good cocktail or champagne won’t show your face but will ignite the spark in you in front of the camera. But, keep it to a single glass or two. Anything more will make you look sloppy. If you want, go ahead and get the shot done at a bar or a favorite restaurant.

Schedule a Good time – You’ll be anxious with a lot of other things the whole time, apart from being in front of the light – don’t add more stress for yourself by being short on time or being pressed by time. Just ask for half hour more to the time already taken, whether you’ll need it or not. You will have more time to get ready and feel relaxed.

Choose to Take less Formal Photos – May be you’re anxious about the staged group photos than the traditional types. You will have enough poses and types than standing in a single prearranged pose. Talk to the photographer and get things organized.

Practice and Practice – It might seem silly to you, but rehearsing can be a great solution to being in front of the camera all of a sudden. Rehearsing can ease the difficulty and make you feel comfortable. Ask a family member or a friend to practice along by taking pictures and you posing for them. Or just plan few more sessions during the wedding planning process, so you can get the hang of it.

Remember that, it’s absolutely normal to feel out of place, wrecked, uncomfortable, and then worse it gets when you have to be in front of the camera. But, it’s important that you relax as well. There shouldn’t be any reason for you to feel awkward and you can always trust the photographer will do his/her best to make you look astonishing.

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