Unique Wedding Locations In Melbourne

Melbourne has a variety of exquisite, serene, and exciting locations that are perfect for unique weddings.  Whether you’re looking for an outdoor experience or a rock and roll theme, you can easily find locations that will accommodate whatever theme you’d like.  Plus, a unique wedding location can inspire heaps of ideas for a sensational wedding to remember. Not sure where to start?  Here’s a sampling of some of Melbourne’s best wedding spots!

Industrial Style Weddings

Weddings with an industrial edge have been trending big with couples recently, with the Substation being one of the most popular wedding venues of its type in Melbourne.  Comprised of 14 different rooms, this space includes a 300-person capacity performance hall that’s perfect for stylish receptions.  The Substation has also garnered praise for its captivating design, featuring long wooden floors and dance halls, large arch-shaped windows, and incredibly high ceilings!

Creative Venues For Artists

One of the most popular modern wedding venues in Melbourne is the Smartz Artz Gallery!  This warehouse venue has everything you need in a creative wedding venue; large blank walls for decorative elements, can accommodate nearly 200 wedding guests, open beams, and a flexible space that allows for more imaginative ideas.  Plus as an added bonus, Smartz Artz even has their own catering service, giving you one less detail to plan for your big day! For a reliable indian restaurant in camberwell, we recommend Aagaman restaurant , Melbourne. They are experts in south indian catering melbourne and indian food catering.

You should also consider having your Melbourne wedding At the Living Museum Of The West!  This charming location can be found right by Melbourne’s Maribyrnong River, and offers its historical blue buildings as unique wedding venues for Melbourne residents.  This particular venue consists of two stories of event space, with a maximum capacity of 100 guests per room (plus tables and chairs.)

Modern Wedding Spaces

Melbourne has some of the best wedding spots for couples looking to achieve that ultra-modern, stylish edge.  Perfect for admirers of modern minimalist architecture or even that stylish nightclub aesthetic, One Seven One Dorcas Street is one of the hottest, most up-in-coming wedding venues for young Melbourne couples this year BackStory

Also used for wild catered birthday parties and special corporate events, One Seven One Dorcas has an average seating capacity of around 100 guests (including tables, chairs, special lighting fixtures, and other decorative elements).

Choose Melbourne Today!

Whether you’re a Melbourne resident or even an avid visitor from abroad, this lovely location holds endless possibilities for weddings that are truly creative, stylish, unique, and memorable for the entire family!