Things to Plan when you have Guests Coming for your Wedding from a different locality

If there is any event that makes the people in your life rejoice and be a part of happily, then it has to be a wedding. It becomes more overwhelming when it is your wedding and there are guests coming from all over the world. With people coming to bless you and witness the big day, you have your set of responsibilities to be fulfilled. Coming from far off places, no one likes to be unattended or attended clumsily. When you have invited them, you ought to treat them well and give them that attention they deserve. There are small things that will make a huge difference. Let us find out what they are.

Plans you can make to make them feel special

Confirmation Call: Do call the guests a week before the wedding day. This will have two outcomes. They will either confirm their coming which means you will have to start with the preparation or they will apologize for not being able to make it. When you make confirmation calls, you know exactly how many guests are expected from outstation and then you can plan things accordingly. When you call, they also feel important and valued.

Book Hotels: You want your guests to come and pile on you when everyone has arrived. Neither you nor they will like the idea. Now that you know the approximate numbers of people, you can start booking hotel rooms for their stay. This way, you will save spending a lot when you book at the last minute. Look for discounts that the hotels offer. As you are booking many rooms, you might want to avail that.

Share Events’ Details: When they have reached, they have no idea when and how the events are going to take place. You can leave the events’ line up in their hotel room or you can personally ask someone to call them to narrate the events. This way, they know that they can’t be late. You will not have to halt an important event for some important people who haven’t arrived at the venue yet.

Bus Hire: There is nothing like hiring a bus for your guests for them to be picked from the airport and bus terminal. Apart from this, you can get them all boarded in one bus and brought to the venue. They won’t be hassled about the transportation and you will definitely save money by not hiring small vehicles for fewer people. If you do this, you will have to spend more than what you have to spend for one bus. It will also be a gala time for the guests.

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