Safety Tips Regarding Inclusion of Hair Clips on the Day of Wedding

So, has the final day approach when you will be starting a new life with a suitable person? If yes, then cheer up! But are you tensed regarding your short or medium sized hair which is preventing you from being a beautiful bride? No problem, hair extensions has come to the market to serve you at the best.

The hair extensions have been considered to be a great way to get the desired length of your hair for any upcoming special event like marriage. Even, they can be used for any special gathering including “Girls night out”. They have highly contributed in the enhancing the beauty of the individual.

Safety Tips Regarding Usage of Hair Extensions on Wedding

Apart from making your hair look more beautiful, these extensions will create an illusion of looking younger. But the problem is that in case you do not know how to use hair extension on your wedding, and then it is high time to learn about the same as soon as possible.  Ranging from putting the same, there are some valuable instructions which must be followed regarding the clipping of the hair extensions. They can be mentioned in a nutshell as under:

  • Be prepared before starting – Prior preparation is highly important before you head to start. There is a requirement of large clips for proper pinning of the hair. The bobby pins, brush and hair extensions must not be ignored as they will highly contribute to enhancing your youth. Also, the hair extension selected must match with the original complexion of the actual hair.
  • Placing up of the hair in a high ponytail – In case you desire for getting the most stylish look, then you may take your hair out of trick by putting almost all of your hair in a ponytail. You may also leave the lower back strands hanging out. It is good to leave about four inches of your original hair out so that the layering of the hair becomes easy to layer along with the help of extensions.
  • Placing of the extensions over the natural hair – The hair extensions can be easily placed over the natural hair by simply starting with the hairline situated at the back of the hair. At the same time do not align the teeth clips in the area of the hairline. If it has been done below 1 inch below, it will promise a good grip. Afterwards, the clip must be pushed inwards by finally closing hence assuring security.
  • Undoing the ponytail by pulling more hair down – It is better to take a few strands down once again by gently undoing the ponytail. It is enough to cover the clips of the first piece. In order to assure that everything remains highly covered, number of clip pieces can be added. Blending the same in a natural manner will let nobody recognize that you have applied any sort of artificial methods.
  • Starting the addition of clips from the bottom area – Proper clipping of hair extensions may take place by starting from the bottom and working up the way up once again. In order to get some ideas, you may go through YouTube videos in the Internet.