Popular Cars & Limos For Celebrity-Style Weddings!

The classic wedding car serves as one of the many timeless symbols associated with lavish and luxurious weddings of the celebrity elite!  Of course, wedding planners can always hire the right charming car service for a wedding of any size, which can also adhere to a budget as well.

Wedding cars and limos add an extra hint of sophistication to an event, regardless of whether a wedding took a couple thousand to produce or staggering amounts worthy of a global news story. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous example of celebrity wedding cars to date!

The Bentley

This is the world-renowned vehicle that Prince William and Kate Middleton famously rode in during their historical wedding, which also became a huge event for international TV stations.  The Bentley S1 and MK6 are two of the most sought-after Bentley Wedding cars for luxurious, high-end weddings! Fortunately, you can hire these specific models from reputable wedding car rental services near you.

Classic Cadillac Convertibles & Limos

The classic Cadillac is undoubtedly a major favourite among wedding car enthusiasts, and just car fans in general!  If you want to add a touch of rock and roll to your event, choose from a variety of either sophisticated or wild vintage Cadillac convertibles for your upcoming wedding. In lieu of a smaller convertible for two, you can transport the entire family in an exciting Cadillac limo complete with starry-celestial ceilings, complimentary drinks, snacks, entertainment systems, and so much more!

The Timeless British Rolls Royce

Along with the aforementioned Bentley models, the notorious Rolls Royce has been a familiar staple at multi-million dollar weddings for some of the UKs most popular celebrities.  Both vintage Rolls Royce models new sportier designs are equally great choices for luxurious weddings.

In fact, the classic Rolls Royce would definitely be an ideal choice for couples and wedding planners who love to add bits of history or fairytale story elements to an event.  Choose from a variety of classic shades and designs, like the gorgeous Silver Cloud models, as well as the timeless yet modern Silver Shadow series!

Make A Statement With Jaguar

With an impressive collection of popular wedding cars, Jaguar leads the pack as one of today’s most desired wedding vehicles!  Select from an impressive variety of sleek and vibrant colors, which includes classic Ivory white to even luscious royal blue shades.

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