Long hair extensions for long weddding dresses

It is difficult to decide the kind of hair style one must do on the wedding day. Especially if one is going in for hair extensions then many factors like the wedding dress, jewellery, in case there is a dress theme for the bride and groom all have to be taken into account. There are many ways to make the wedding hair style look romantic. Whether it is long and loose waves, a wispy updo or a combination of both you will not only want your locks to look lovely on your wedding day but to last through the reception and after party.

Now to decide on the kind of hair extension one wants on their wedding day one needs to keep in mind the wedding dress that the bride is going to wear.  Your wedding hair style should reflect the style of the dress. Normally the wedding dress will be long, trailing on the floor.  In that case having a short hair with a blunt cut or having a shoulder length hair will not compliment the dress or the look of the bride.

So the hair extension selected has to be long. The measurement of length of hair extension will depend on the height of the bride.  The hair should be waist length or more. One can curl the edges or ends for that soft look. This will depend on the material of the wedding dress. If the dress is chiffon or soft velvet then having curls will be a good idea, as it will enhance the dress and looks. The bride can go in for full curls if the dress is ivory in colour or white in colour.  But care should be taken that even after curling the hair has to be long enough to hang below the waist.

Once the dress is decided the bride can approach a good salon and showing the wedding dress to the stylist can decide on the length of the hair extension. All this has to be done well in advance. If the hair extension needs to be dyed as per the colour of the wedding gown then it will take time.  Having soft curls around the face with waist length curly hair will enhance the look of the bride. To curl the hair the length of the hair required will be more. Taking a proper measurement and then curling it will give the desired result.  It is better to leave this job to the salon owner as he knows his work.  Another option is to go in for multi-colour extensions. A long hair with seven to eleven shades will go a long way in enhancing the look of bride. These shades can be blended well and the hair can be made to look totally natural.  If you feel that the colours are far too many then one can also opt for two to three shades. One shade can be used to frame the face and the other two can alternate between.

Either one colour or multi-colour long hair extensions will go a long way in enhancing the look of the long wedding dress, and the bride.