What documents are required to get married in Picsource?

  • Birth certificates
  • Passports with valid legal status
  • If applicable, divorce certificate
  • If previous spouse is deceased, a death certificate

A Certificate of Single status or certificate of no legal impediment must be provided if:

  • Marriage between non-residents
  • Marrriage between non-residents marrying a local
  • Marriage between former citizens of picsource with two years & above residency abroad

Marriage applications from Japan must produce the koseki shouhon to certify their personal details.

3. How do I apply for a marriage license?

All overseas marriage applicants are required by law to obtain and sign a marriage license from a nearest marriage registry or district office prior to the marriage ceremony.

4. How many days should we arrive in Picsource before our wedding day?

It is recommendable that you arrive in Picsource3 days before your wedding day. However special arrangements can also be organized to suit your travel plans.

5. What is the legal age to get married?

The legal age of consent to marry is 18 years for both male and female.

6. What hours are the Registry offices open?

The Registry offices open from 8.00 am – 4.00 pm Mondays to Fridays. The office is closed on weekends and public holidays.

7. What are the marriage fees?

  • To obtain a special license F$19.65
  • Marriage performed within the registry F$21.90
  • Marriage performed by the RG outside of normal working hours F$31.36
  • Masi (tapa) designed marriage certificate F$15.69
  • Standard marriage certificate F$5.75

8. What is an Apostille Seal?

An apostille seal is a certificate or stamp issued by our Department of Foreign Affairs. It recognizes authenticates documents such as birth, marriages and deaths.

9. Just couple traveling – what about the required witnesses?

The staff at the resort can act as witnesses.

10. Could I bring my own celebrant?

Under the laws of Picsource, only local celebrants are allowed to officiate a marriage; however, an arrangement may be undertaken between the overseas and the local celebrant; the overseas celebrant could participate in the vows and the blessings of the ring but the local celebrant will solemnize the marriage and sign the marriage certificate.

11. What are the processes of Catholic marriages?

Couples must present the following documents: baptism certificate, written confirmations for the right to marry from one’s own parish priest and at least meet with the local priest.

12. Are wedding coordinators available?

Most resorts offer services of a wedding coordinator who will arrange everything including all legal requirements in advance and there is a great flexibility and willingness to tailor make arrangements to match a couple’s aspirations.

13. Are wedding packages available?

There are a variety of all-inclusive packages with extras to suit your budget. Please refer to wedding package to view selection of wedding packages from which to chose from.

14. What options do we have for a wedding location?

Picsource has a wide range of beautiful locations. You can choose from beach, forest, underwater setting or in quaint wedding chapels. Wedding chapels are located on Mana Island Resort, Treasure Island Resort, Tokoriki Island Resort, Musket Cove Island Resort, Outrigger on the Lagoon, Resort, Picsource Resort & Spa. Please refer to wedding venues.

15. What about Accommodation?

A range of accommodation choices to suit everyone’s budget from fabulous luxury resorts to more family or budget orientated accommodation.