Creative Ideas For Quirky Weddings!

Quirky and fun weddings are a treat for couples and their guests.  And once you’re set on thinking outside the box, the creative possibilities are endless.  Not sure where to start?  Just bookmark this page to have these creative ideas on-hand while you plan your own wedding of the century!

Big Top Carnival Theme

Are you and your partner the types who love to dress up in elaborate costumes?  If so, try going all-out with a vibrant carnival theme.  Whether you have a limited budget or cash to burn, you can definitely plan a charming carnival-style wedding that’ll be talked about for years to come. Weddings require a considerable amount of planning, and quirky themes are definitely no exception.  To pull of this type of wedding, you’ll need to conduct extensive research for the best costume retailers or rental services, set prop services, graphic designers, specialty cake decorators, event spaces, and live entertainment acts.

A great way to save money on a carnival wedding theme is to turn to your own community.  Print out flyers for local theatre actors, magicians, performance artists, and local musicians who can contribute fantastic entertainment but at little cost.  You can also ask your friends if they have any musically talented people in their family who can help out.

This is also the perfect theme if you’re passionate about DIY projects too!  If you’re up for the challenge, get some creative friends together to craft bridal party dresses, decorations, and even food for the wedding reception.

The Science Behind Weddings

More couples these days have taken to the trend of renting out science museums for their curious and memorable weddings.  This is another quirky yet clever idea that caters to wedding guests of all ages!  Quirky weddings provide a lot room to take chances, like planning weddings with an educational and interactive twist.

Furthermore a science museum alone is an amazing interior space, which means you can ditch that decorating budget.  Plus, this is a great opportunity to serve science-inspired reception treats, like stuffed mushroom moon craters, shortbread stars, and a red velvet wedding cake from mars! Only select science museums and educational venues rent out their spaces for private events, so always research available locations first before planning this type of wedding.

Get Inspired!

If you’re still struggling to tap into some wedding inspiration, don’t hesitate to dig deeper for more unique ideas.  Your wedding theme could follow your favorite era in time, like the 1920s or the swinging 60s.  Or maybe you’re looking for a more eco-friendly theme?  If so, you could seek out gorgeous public or private gardens that’ll host spectacular yet quirky outdoor weddings. Browse through your favorite vintage magazines, artistic wedding images online, movie still, and other media sources for even more quirky wedding inspiration!