Key Things To Have At Every Wedding!

Planning a wedding and overwhelmed with what to plan? Take a breath and don’t stress: we have the key things that will make your break your wedding, so planning ahead for them is going to lessen the load! 

The Perfect Set Of Flowers 

You wouldn’t think flowers are important for the wedding, but they can make a massive difference to the outlay of the party. Choosing the right colours and combinations can go a long way to making the room magical in every way possible. Take your time and make sure that you are able to get the flowers you want to make your wedding as magical as possible.

Awesome Dance Beats! 

Weddings for all their formalities are meant to be fun! And nothing creates a positive vibe more than music. You will have to decide between the classic old scenario: DJ versus Band. What it comes down is all to you and your preference for music. You just have to make sure that you are providing a scope of music so that everyone can enjoy! There is nothing worse than seeing people sitting at their tables by themselves because the music isn’t too their liking. Yes, you can’t please everyone, but be neutral when it comes to music! 

Matching Bridal Gowns 

This is more of a woman thing – but having the bride and bridesmaids match together in the same design and colour will bring a magical flow to the event. You just have to make sure that the bride is always the centre of attention during this time. But thankfully, with an array of bridal gowns in Melbourne for bridesmaids and elegant wedding dresses in Melbourne for the bride herself, you will be able to find the combinations that work. 

An Array Of Food & Beverages

For most people, as much as they are excited about people getting married, they are always looking forward to the meals that come along with the party. One of the essential things to get right with the meals is to provide an array of different options for your guests, such as the usual mix of beef, chicken and fish. By providing these options, you are ensuring that your guests will be enjoying themselves with their meals during this festive period. Secondly, providing a wealth of alcohol is going to be a winner. People love to enjoy themselves at a wedding and providing them with alcohol and different beverages is going to help. 

Ways to Stay Relaxed in front of the Camera on Your Big Day

Does the thought of camera and lights make you nervous? But if your big day is approaching, you should be expecting a huge source of light stress on you. But there should be a way to look relaxed and not feel super anxious, look collected when the flash fires?

Might sound easier said than done, but yes, the tips your getting today are from the experts who stay behind the camera at Let’s Celebrate Events. They sure know what they’re talking about and how you can pull it off.

Develop an Understanding with Your Photographer – Although in person meeting breaks ice better, but even an over the phone conversation before the event can make things comfortable. Once you get the feel of photographer’s personality, you will gain a better idea of your goals as well. It’s always comfortable posing for someone you know then for someone who is a stranger.

Book The Same Photographer for All Events – At least get you major events as engagement and wedding covered by the same person. Engagement can be considered as a test session and if that worked out great, we’re sure the wedding day pictures should be perfect. Plus you always have the option of telling the photographer what you liked and disliked in the engagement photos.

Wear What You’ll Love and be Comfortable in – If you love casuals as jeans and T-shirts, remember that wearing very formal dress, especially for wedding will make you feel uncomfortable the whole time. And we do understand, it’s your big day that should look and feel great. So, choose something that’s chic and comfortable at the same time. Not only will you be comfortable in the “I dos” but also in your pictures as well.

Take a Drink before the shoot – A good cocktail or champagne won’t show your face but will ignite the spark in you in front of the camera. But, keep it to a single glass or two. Anything more will make you look sloppy. If you want, go ahead and get the shot done at a bar or a favorite restaurant.

Schedule a Good time – You’ll be anxious with a lot of other things the whole time, apart from being in front of the light – don’t add more stress for yourself by being short on time or being pressed by time. Just ask for half hour more to the time already taken, whether you’ll need it or not. You will have more time to get ready and feel relaxed.

Choose to Take less Formal Photos – May be you’re anxious about the staged group photos than the traditional types. You will have enough poses and types than standing in a single prearranged pose. Talk to the photographer and get things organized.

Practice and Practice – It might seem silly to you, but rehearsing can be a great solution to being in front of the camera all of a sudden. Rehearsing can ease the difficulty and make you feel comfortable. Ask a family member or a friend to practice along by taking pictures and you posing for them. Or just plan few more sessions during the wedding planning process, so you can get the hang of it.

Remember that, it’s absolutely normal to feel out of place, wrecked, uncomfortable, and then worse it gets when you have to be in front of the camera. But, it’s important that you relax as well. There shouldn’t be any reason for you to feel awkward and you can always trust the photographer will do his/her best to make you look astonishing.

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Make The Most of Your Wedding Day!

A wedding ceremony, committing to someone for life, saying the vows, planting the perfect kiss, facing ten billion people and their questions, then smiling your way through the crowd, only to escape and start a new life is overwhelming enough. There is no place for you attire to add to the problems. Well, the attire is not the only thing that can pose a threat but there are few such things you can avoid making your wedding day, as memorable as it gets.

The best thing or the best way to start your wedding day is to wear something that is comfortable. By comfortable, we do not necessarily mean for you to try out the new ‘hobo collection” (just exaggerating and proving a point), but instead try to wear something that is not trying you make you the next ‘blue’ thing, you need for your wedding. It is of immense importance that you have enough space to breathe freely and to be able to move. The dress which requires corsets or such fitted piece of clothing must be taken care of. This is exactly where your bridesmaids would come handy. Make sure that they unzip you the moment you are out of the ceremony and resting. Because you would be sweating already, and no one, absolutely no one deserves to be dressed in a wet dress.

The next important thing is for you to carry at least two pairs of shoes. So that once you are tired and dying of a sore foot because of that perfect shoe, that you have been wearing, you can change into your comfortable shoe. This comfortable shoe is for the times when you would want to share a dance or two with the beloved friend or husband of yours.

Carry all the essentials, for instance, carry your makeup the bag and keep it handy for the running mascara or a stole or a wrap to keep you warm. You cannot control the weather and thus, you would also not want to be the frozen bride who can only stutter the vows. This is exactly when you would require a wrap if the temperature drops suddenly. The wrap is also important for the times when there is a tear in your dress and you would like to hide it from the prying eyes of the criticizing bunch.

The next essential bit of information is either to quit wearing all the uncomfortable lingerie or to wear something comfortable instead. The wedding dresses are to some extent really uncomfortable and the lingerie can add to the burden. You have to be really careful with the white dress and if the lingerie adds up to the uncomfortable situation, you might crack. To avoid all of these possibilities make sure that the lingerie is truly comfortable and it does not make you feel cautious about yourself. These are the few basic things that a bride needs to worry about and we hope that this article provides you with the much required information. When you have these situation in control you can glide down the aisle and marry the man of your life, without having to worry about a thing. Be it a wedding or a corporate event,  having an impressive keynote motivational speaker  is a great idea! Visit Speaking Out Australia – they are pioneers in Speaker Bureau industry in Australia.

Long hair extensions for long weddding dresses

It is difficult to decide the kind of hair style one must do on the wedding day. Especially if one is going in for hair extensions then many factors like the wedding dress, jewellery, in case there is a dress theme for the bride and groom all have to be taken into account. There are many ways to make the wedding hair style look romantic. Whether it is long and loose waves, a wispy updo or a combination of both you will not only want your locks to look lovely on your wedding day but to last through the reception and after party.

Now to decide on the kind of hair extension one wants on their wedding day one needs to keep in mind the wedding dress that the bride is going to wear.  Your wedding hair style should reflect the style of the dress. Normally the wedding dress will be long, trailing on the floor.  In that case having a short hair with a blunt cut or having a shoulder length hair will not compliment the dress or the look of the bride.

So the hair extension selected has to be long. The measurement of length of hair extension will depend on the height of the bride.  The hair should be waist length or more. One can curl the edges or ends for that soft look. This will depend on the material of the wedding dress. If the dress is chiffon or soft velvet then having curls will be a good idea, as it will enhance the dress and looks. The bride can go in for full curls if the dress is ivory in colour or white in colour.  But care should be taken that even after curling the hair has to be long enough to hang below the waist.

Once the dress is decided the bride can approach a good salon and showing the wedding dress to the stylist can decide on the length of the hair extension. All this has to be done well in advance. If the hair extension needs to be dyed as per the colour of the wedding gown then it will take time.  Having soft curls around the face with waist length curly hair will enhance the look of the bride. To curl the hair the length of the hair required will be more. Taking a proper measurement and then curling it will give the desired result.  It is better to leave this job to the salon owner as he knows his work.  Another option is to go in for multi-colour extensions. A long hair with seven to eleven shades will go a long way in enhancing the look of bride. These shades can be blended well and the hair can be made to look totally natural.  If you feel that the colours are far too many then one can also opt for two to three shades. One shade can be used to frame the face and the other two can alternate between.

Either one colour or multi-colour long hair extensions will go a long way in enhancing the look of the long wedding dress, and the bride.

Unique Wedding Locations In Melbourne

Melbourne has a variety of exquisite, serene, and exciting locations that are perfect for unique weddings.  Whether you’re looking for an outdoor experience or a rock and roll theme, you can easily find locations that will accommodate whatever theme you’d like.  Plus, a unique wedding location can inspire heaps of ideas for a sensational wedding to remember. Not sure where to start?  Here’s a sampling of some of Melbourne’s best wedding spots!

Industrial Style Weddings

Weddings with an industrial edge have been trending big with couples recently, with the Substation being one of the most popular wedding venues of its type in Melbourne.  Comprised of 14 different rooms, this space includes a 300-person capacity performance hall that’s perfect for stylish receptions.  The Substation has also garnered praise for its captivating design, featuring long wooden floors and dance halls, large arch-shaped windows, and incredibly high ceilings!

Creative Venues For Artists

One of the most popular modern wedding venues in Melbourne is the Smartz Artz Gallery!  This warehouse venue has everything you need in a creative wedding venue; large blank walls for decorative elements, can accommodate nearly 200 wedding guests, open beams, and a flexible space that allows for more imaginative ideas.  Plus as an added bonus, Smartz Artz even has their own catering service, giving you one less detail to plan for your big day! For a reliable indian restaurant in camberwell, we recommend Aagaman restaurant , Melbourne. They are experts in south indian catering melbourne and indian food catering.

You should also consider having your Melbourne wedding At the Living Museum Of The West!  This charming location can be found right by Melbourne’s Maribyrnong River, and offers its historical blue buildings as unique wedding venues for Melbourne residents.  This particular venue consists of two stories of event space, with a maximum capacity of 100 guests per room (plus tables and chairs.)

Modern Wedding Spaces

Melbourne has some of the best wedding spots for couples looking to achieve that ultra-modern, stylish edge.  Perfect for admirers of modern minimalist architecture or even that stylish nightclub aesthetic, One Seven One Dorcas Street is one of the hottest, most up-in-coming wedding venues for young Melbourne couples this year BackStory

Also used for wild catered birthday parties and special corporate events, One Seven One Dorcas has an average seating capacity of around 100 guests (including tables, chairs, special lighting fixtures, and other decorative elements).

Choose Melbourne Today!

Whether you’re a Melbourne resident or even an avid visitor from abroad, this lovely location holds endless possibilities for weddings that are truly creative, stylish, unique, and memorable for the entire family!

Popular Cars & Limos For Celebrity-Style Weddings!

The classic wedding car serves as one of the many timeless symbols associated with lavish and luxurious weddings of the celebrity elite!  Of course, wedding planners can always hire the right charming car service for a wedding of any size, which can also adhere to a budget as well.

Wedding cars and limos add an extra hint of sophistication to an event, regardless of whether a wedding took a couple thousand to produce or staggering amounts worthy of a global news story. Let’s take a look at some of the most famous example of celebrity wedding cars to date!

The Bentley

This is the world-renowned vehicle that Prince William and Kate Middleton famously rode in during their historical wedding, which also became a huge event for international TV stations.  The Bentley S1 and MK6 are two of the most sought-after Bentley Wedding cars for luxurious, high-end weddings! Fortunately, you can hire these specific models from reputable wedding car rental services near you.

Classic Cadillac Convertibles & Limos

The classic Cadillac is undoubtedly a major favourite among wedding car enthusiasts, and just car fans in general!  If you want to add a touch of rock and roll to your event, choose from a variety of either sophisticated or wild vintage Cadillac convertibles for your upcoming wedding. In lieu of a smaller convertible for two, you can transport the entire family in an exciting Cadillac limo complete with starry-celestial ceilings, complimentary drinks, snacks, entertainment systems, and so much more!

The Timeless British Rolls Royce

Along with the aforementioned Bentley models, the notorious Rolls Royce has been a familiar staple at multi-million dollar weddings for some of the UKs most popular celebrities.  Both vintage Rolls Royce models new sportier designs are equally great choices for luxurious weddings.

In fact, the classic Rolls Royce would definitely be an ideal choice for couples and wedding planners who love to add bits of history or fairytale story elements to an event.  Choose from a variety of classic shades and designs, like the gorgeous Silver Cloud models, as well as the timeless yet modern Silver Shadow series!

Make A Statement With Jaguar

With an impressive collection of popular wedding cars, Jaguar leads the pack as one of today’s most desired wedding vehicles!  Select from an impressive variety of sleek and vibrant colors, which includes classic Ivory white to even luscious royal blue shades.

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