Best Wedding Chair Hire Options For Your Big Day

Chair decor is one of the most overlooked details when planning the wedding. But with the right embellishments, even a standard folding chair can become a beautiful part of the wedding vision. There are many details that goes into planning a wedding, and budget, location, and theme should all be considered before the planning process begins. All of these considerations, as well as the preferences of the bride and groom to be will determine what type of decor will be incorporated into the big event.

A large part of the wedding decor should be focused around the chairs. Depending on the location of the wedding, the decor for the chairs will need to be considered not only for the reception but  sometimes even for the ceremony.

While there are a number of weddings, such as weddings held in a church, that do not require chairs for the wedding ceremony itself, there are other weddings that require them. In outdoor weddings, which are quite popular for religious and non-religious weddings alike, the chairs are an integral and essential part. In the case of weddings held at the beach, or at a residential home, or in other public settings, the bride and groom will need to have different chair decor for both the ceremony and reception.

Many prefer to use colors such as white, ivory, or cream when decorating a chair for the wedding ceremony, to stick with the traditional white theme. To enhance the look of those colors, it is a popular choice to use the wedding theme colors as well on the chair decor. If a more formal look is desired, chair covers and sashes are a popular version.

With so many possible versions of chair decor, and considering the many other things that have to be handled for the big day, wedding chair hire is the best and least time consuming solution.

A traditional Jewish Wedding is full of meaningful rituals that symbolize the relationship between the husband and the wife. One of these traditions include the chuppah, an integral part of the Jewish wedding ceremony.

Chuppah means a canopy or a covering. Traditionally, it is comprised of a cloth, sheet, or a tallit, supported by four poles. These are sometimes carried by the wedding attendants. A chuppah symbolises the home that the wedding couple will build together. Being open on all four sides, at it was the tent of Abraham, the chuppah also represents hospitality to one’s guests. This „home” lacks furniture as a reminder that the most important part of a Jewish home is the people within it, not the material possessions.

The chuppah in its simplest form is a canopy attached to four poles. Just like in the case of wedding chairs there are literally endless variations. Ideas can be incorporated to reflect the bride and groom, and the wedding theme, if there is one. Flowers and various color combinations can create a unique setting for the ceremony.

To simplify the wedding preparations, a tiffany chair is recommended. The bride and the groom will have the possibility to chose from the many versions available.