How to create a glamorous wedding – Extension Styles

For every woman, her Wedding Day is the most important occasion. Every woman dreams of looking the best on her wedding day. From clothing, jewellery, make up to hairstyle, everything is taken care of. If you are a bride to be, Austin Story Book Weddings is the perfect blog for you. The blog has numerous articles and video posts from expert stylists that can help you look your best on your wedding day. In the video, hair expert Balmain shows how hair extensions can be used for a completely new look. Watch the video if you plan to experiment with hair extensions for your wedding day. They can work wonders in enhancing your appearance.

How To Arrange Wedding Flowers

Times change, and so do trends. Weddings, and other parties and events, are not only integral parts of culture, coloring it in a special way, but they showcase many things about the time and culture they belong to – dresses, make-up and accessories people wear, the hairdos, the décor, music, food and the like. And who doesn’t want to stay fashionable and express their creativity with trends at such a gathering! At Austin Storybook Weddings, you can watch the videos we share, and the write-ups we provide, and inspire your ideas with the ongoing trends and learn more with every event you manage. We’re here to help your crazy ideas and creative innovation flourish in their best way. Watch the following video on wedding flower arrangements.

Metal Sculpture Artist

The wedding day is the most important day for most people. Most of us would wish to have that fairy tale kind of a wedding where everything is beautifully decorated and perfectly in place. If you have such aspirations, Austin Story Book Weddings is the perfect stop for you. The blog gives you innumerable wedding decoration and theme ideas to choose from. The various videos and articles can help you plan the perfect setting for your D-day. From contemporary to out of the box decoration ideas, you can get it all here. Scroll the pages to find out the one that fascinates you. The video gives some interesting wedding reception ideas that you may want to consider.

Special Wedding Day Preview

Many preparations go hand-in-hand to ensure that wedding days turn out to be perfect. There are dresses to be worn, gifts to be bought, arrangements to be made and blessings to be received. All of these come together on the wedding day. Of course, each couple has its own story, which is brought forward in a unique way at every wedding. One can see the makings of such a story in this video. The wedding takes place in a Baptist church, and special dresses are also visible here. It is lovely to see how every person attempts to look his or her best on this special day. Also, take a look at the wonderful bracelets and diamonds in this video.

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Weddings & Special Event Planning

Event planning involves a large number of parameters. It could be a wedding, special event, anniversary, birthday or just about anything else. Planning has to be done so that the occasion goes exactly as thought, without any hiccups. One of the times when event planning plays an important role is during wedding showers. In this video it is explained how there can be different ways in which this wedding shower is held. It need not be elaborate every time. More examples of meals served during this shower are given in the video. In the case of buffets as well, innovative ideas are shared with the viewers.

How To Get Started with Event Planning

A blog dedicated to planning various social gatherings and activities- weddings, events and parties you wish to organize. Though the pages here, discover the finest and trending ideas, for themes and colors to use, the bride’s bouquet and the flowers in vogue, how to dress yourself for the party, and what should be the bridesmaids’ hairdos. A messy task as event organisation could turn out to be, professional planners write here, to help you out of any planning ruts and give you suggestions regarding many of the usual and unusual problems that might arise. A video is given, detailing you about various aspects of the work.
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Glamorous Wedding updo with Extension styles

Hair extensions can be used for many different occasions, one of which is a wedding. In order to give themselves a better look, many to-be brides like to experiment with their hairstyles. However, there is a particular method in choosing, attaching and styling the hair extensions. For best results, it is advised to take the help of a hair expert. This video shows hair experts Balmain describing how to work on the hair with extensions. The hairdo gives a glamorous look to the bride-to-be. With the help of extensions, Balmain shows how hair can get extra volume, length or curls on the D-Day.

Story Book Wedding Album Preview

Big fat weddings were like fairy tales stories but know it’s possible for everyone to fulfil their dreams as we have our weeding planners to plan our wedding according to the themes that you like. As many people decide to have a memorable wedding ceremony and reception in a unique style, there are several experts who can guide you in this. You can arrange a destination wedding at any place that you select. All the arrangements are done by the wedding planner starting from the brides and bride groom dresses to decorating flowers at reception or on wedding day. You just have to make a wish and the planner or organiser fulfils it.


Wedding Theme Ideas: Winter Wonderland Wedding

Theme and storybook weddings are quite popular nowadays, as many people opt to have a memorable wedding ceremony and reception, which is unique in its very own way. There are several experts all over the world who specialise in planning and arranging themed weddings based on the specifications of the bride and groom. But how can you find such a specialised wedding planner? And how can you select a proper theme for your wedding? Well the answers to all your questions are quite easy and simple – online blogs. You just need to do a quick search on Google and find out which wedding planners are suitable for you.