Weddings & Special Event Planning

Event planning involves a large number of parameters. It could be a wedding, special event, anniversary, birthday or just about anything else. Planning has to be done so that the occasion goes exactly as thought, without any hiccups. One of the times when event planning plays an important role is during wedding showers. In this video it is explained how there can be different ways in which this wedding shower is held. It need not be elaborate every time. More examples of meals served during this shower are given in the video. In the case of buffets as well, innovative ideas are shared with the viewers.

How To Get Started with Event Planning

A blog dedicated to planning various social gatherings and activities- weddings, events and parties you wish to organize. Though the pages here, discover the finest and trending ideas, for themes and colors to use, the bride’s bouquet and the flowers in vogue, how to dress yourself for the party, and what should be the bridesmaids’ hairdos. A messy task as event organisation could turn out to be, professional planners write here, to help you out of any planning ruts and give you suggestions regarding many of the usual and unusual problems that might arise. A video is given, detailing you about various aspects of the work.
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Glamorous Wedding updo with Extension styles

Hair extensions can be used for many different occasions, one of which is a wedding. In order to give themselves a better look, many to-be brides like to experiment with their hairstyles. However, there is a particular method in choosing, attaching and styling the hair extensions. For best results, it is advised to take the help of a hair expert. This video shows hair experts Balmain describing how to work on the hair with extensions. The hairdo gives a glamorous look to the bride-to-be. With the help of extensions, Balmain shows how hair can get extra volume, length or curls on the D-Day.

Story Book Wedding Album Preview

Big fat weddings were like fairy tales stories but know it’s possible for everyone to fulfil their dreams as we have our weeding planners to plan our wedding according to the themes that you like. As many people decide to have a memorable wedding ceremony and reception in a unique style, there are several experts who can guide you in this. You can arrange a destination wedding at any place that you select. All the arrangements are done by the wedding planner starting from the brides and bride groom dresses to decorating flowers at reception or on wedding day. You just have to make a wish and the planner or organiser fulfils it.


Wedding Theme Ideas: Winter Wonderland Wedding

Theme and storybook weddings are quite popular nowadays, as many people opt to have a memorable wedding ceremony and reception, which is unique in its very own way. There are several experts all over the world who specialise in planning and arranging themed weddings based on the specifications of the bride and groom. But how can you find such a specialised wedding planner? And how can you select a proper theme for your wedding? Well the answers to all your questions are quite easy and simple – online blogs. You just need to do a quick search on Google and find out which wedding planners are suitable for you.

Wedding Ceremony Decorations : How to Decorate a Gazebo for a Wedding

A Gazebo somewhat enhance the classic charm of a wedding; adding a gazebo to your wedding plans is an impressive choice. It need not be expensive you can choose to decorate it as per your taste incorporating as much or as little detailing. Needless to say white has to be the central theme with a little greenery around to imply the perfect feel of graceful style wedding. The bright colour of flowers has to be arranged in a way to make the canopy look thick and awesome at the same time. Do not forget the pillars you need to wrap around a strand of flowers along with its twig n leave down the structure at least at the opening of the Gazebo to the aisle. Light it up with LED bud strips to give it a dazzle for your wedding dance in the after-hours.

Modern Wedding Reception Ideas

In a short slideshow with a musical background, one can see how to come up with various modern wedding reception ideas. The slideshow consists of pictures, many of which depict different floral arrangements. One of the flower arrangements, with wine glasses all around flowers on a big table for the bride and the groom, is particularly beautiful. Another aspect that one can learn from this video is that flowers need to complement colours in the reception hall. For example, roses of different colours can be arranged in a glass vase, with the hall décor having colours of the brightest rose. Then there are other photographs to showcase decorations in the reception area, which includes lighting as well.

Safety Tips Regarding Inclusion of Hair Clips on the Day of Wedding

So, has the final day approach when you will be starting a new life with a suitable person? If yes, then cheer up! But are you tensed regarding your short or medium sized hair which is preventing you from being a beautiful bride? No problem, hair extensions has come to the market to serve you at the best.

The hair extensions have been considered to be a great way to get the desired length of your hair for any upcoming special event like marriage. Even, they can be used for any special gathering including “Girls night out”. They have highly contributed in the enhancing the beauty of the individual.

Safety Tips Regarding Usage of Hair Extensions on Wedding

Apart from making your hair look more beautiful, these extensions will create an illusion of looking younger. But the problem is that in case you do not know how to use hair extension on your wedding, and then it is high time to learn about the same as soon as possible.  Ranging from putting the same, there are some valuable instructions which must be followed regarding the clipping of the hair extensions. They can be mentioned in a nutshell as under:

  • Be prepared before starting – Prior preparation is highly important before you head to start. There is a requirement of large clips for proper pinning of the hair. The bobby pins, brush and hair extensions must not be ignored as they will highly contribute to enhancing your youth. Also, the hair extension selected must match with the original complexion of the actual hair.
  • Placing up of the hair in a high ponytail – In case you desire for getting the most stylish look, then you may take your hair out of trick by putting almost all of your hair in a ponytail. You may also leave the lower back strands hanging out. It is good to leave about four inches of your original hair out so that the layering of the hair becomes easy to layer along with the help of extensions.
  • Placing of the extensions over the natural hair – The hair extensions can be easily placed over the natural hair by simply starting with the hairline situated at the back of the hair. At the same time do not align the teeth clips in the area of the hairline. If it has been done below 1 inch below, it will promise a good grip. Afterwards, the clip must be pushed inwards by finally closing hence assuring security.
  • Undoing the ponytail by pulling more hair down – It is better to take a few strands down once again by gently undoing the ponytail. It is enough to cover the clips of the first piece. In order to assure that everything remains highly covered, number of clip pieces can be added. Blending the same in a natural manner will let nobody recognize that you have applied any sort of artificial methods.
  • Starting the addition of clips from the bottom area – Proper clipping of hair extensions may take place by starting from the bottom and working up the way up once again. In order to get some ideas, you may go through YouTube videos in the Internet.

Make The Most of Your Wedding Day!

A wedding ceremony, committing to someone for life, saying the vows, planting the perfect kiss, facing ten billion people and their questions, then smiling your way through the crowd, only to escape and start a new life is overwhelming enough. There is no place for you attire to add to the problems. Well, the attire is not the only thing that can pose a threat but there are few such things you can avoid making your wedding day, as memorable as it gets.

The best thing or the best way to start your wedding day is to wear something that is comfortable. By comfortable, we do not necessarily mean for you to try out the new ‘hobo collection” (just exaggerating and proving a point), but instead try to wear something that is not trying you make you the next ‘blue’ thing, you need for your wedding. It is of immense importance that you have enough space to breathe freely and to be able to move. The dress which requires corsets or such fitted piece of clothing must be taken care of. This is exactly where your bridesmaids would come handy. Make sure that they unzip you the moment you are out of the ceremony and resting. Because you would be sweating already, and no one, absolutely no one deserves to be dressed in a wet dress.

The next important thing is for you to carry at least two pairs of shoes. So that once you are tired and dying of a sore foot because of that perfect shoe, that you have been wearing, you can change into your comfortable shoe. This comfortable shoe is for the times when you would want to share a dance or two with the beloved friend or husband of yours.

Carry all the essentials, for instance, carry your makeup the bag and keep it handy for the running mascara or a stole or a wrap to keep you warm. You cannot control the weather and thus, you would also not want to be the frozen bride who can only stutter the vows. This is exactly when you would require a wrap if the temperature drops suddenly. The wrap is also important for the times when there is a tear in your dress and you would like to hide it from the prying eyes of the criticizing bunch.

The next essential bit of information is either to quit wearing all the uncomfortable lingerie or to wear something comfortable instead. The wedding dresses are to some extent really uncomfortable and the lingerie can add to the burden. You have to be really careful with the white dress and if the lingerie adds up to the uncomfortable situation, you might crack. To avoid all of these possibilities make sure that the lingerie is truly comfortable and it does not make you feel cautious about yourself. These are the few basic things that a bride needs to worry about and we hope that this article provides you with the much required information. When you have these situation in control you can glide down the aisle and marry the man of your life, without having to worry about a thing. Be it a wedding or a corporate event,  having an impressive keynote motivational speaker  is a great idea! Visit Speaking Out Australia – they are pioneers in Speaker Bureau industry in Australia.